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March 27, 2017

Inspired by the Surrealist Frottage art of Max Ernst, the students of EIS tapped into their subconscious by creating fantastical monsters. Creating rubbings from the soles of their shoes was a great icebreaker exercise, before they gave a new lease of life to a range of magazine images by using pagoda spires, chickens, pangolins and jewels as the body parts of their inventive army of creatures. It was a great way to get them to generate really imaginative uses of English, and introduce them to collage as a means of drawing.


Lấy cảm hứng từ phong cách nghệ thuật Siêu Thực của Max Ernst, các học viên của EIS tiềm thức bởi tạo ra những quái vật khổng lồ siêu thực. Dùng đế giày để tạo ra những bản in trên giấy như bước khởi động trước khi các học viên bắt đầu xây dựng tác phẩm của mình bằng cách dùng các hình cắt dán từ tạp chí chẳng hạn như các chùa tháp, chú gà con, con tê tê và trang sức như những phẩn thân của những con qui vật này. Bài học này thật là một cách hay để giúp các học viên tận dụng nguồn Tiếng Anh phong phú và giới thiệu đến các em nghệ thuật cắt dán như một thể loại của vẽ. 






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Shyevin s'ng 

As enthusiastic in art as in business (and accomplished in both), Shyevin founded VinSpace in 2010. With the studio and team growing, Shyevin directs the vision and mission of the studio. She thinks big and has ambitious plans to open up the creative core of Saigon!

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Our Studio Director, Hong Anh ensures the smooth running of our day-to-day projects whilst managing all of our accounting and marketing. She’s a cool cat, and always makes us laugh with her unique sense of humour.

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Minh’s nickname is Mae. From a very young age she’s already loves art, as a teenager she spend a lot of time drawing manga. During high school and college she studied a lot of mediums and different techniques. She thinks that art is infinite and there are still many things to explore. She loves to spend time with kids, with a lot of time spend babysitting, she can entertain them for a long time.


Sofia studied visual arts in Finland and at the Academy of Fine Arts and Institute of Art and Restoration "Palazzo Spinelli" in Florence, Italy. At Vinspace she teaches drawing, acrylic and oil color painting. Sofia loves Asia and her classes are a mix of Eastern and Western traditions.

quynh anh

Quynh Anh is one of our gallery interns. She can usually be found in our Gallery Shop waiting to assist you or doing a spot of shopping herself, she's a very trendy lady thats full of style. Quynh Anh is our very own 'Whats on' guide to Saigon, if somethings happening, she knows about it!


Like a cat, she wants to embrace herself with wool and forget about the world. Play with threads to create different things, her strength is making macrame indeed.