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schools & COrporates.

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Art field trips.

Vinspace workshop for School art field t

Art-focused field trips & Workshops

We can arrange special art field trips that provide art talk from gallerist or practice artists about their styles, insights and art analysis, perfect for inspiring students' creativity and whetting their artistic appetites.


after school art club.


We partner up with international schools to host fun and safe after-school art clubs that allow students to experience the creative process and the joy of art making right in the school.

Contact us for wide ranges of club ideas. 


Team building.

bonding and creating

We host art team building to help your team unleash their creativity and bring them together.

When your teams get to work with an artist, they can rediscover their own flair and imagination. This very often will lead to a creative masterpiece that even they thought was never possible.

team building

Private events.

arty party

​Whether its your kid's birthday party or your own, we create tailor-made farewell, or bachelor's, or private parties for every celebration.

private event
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