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Have a Merry!

Well folks, it nears on middle December now. As we flip through the calendar season, it's amazing to see the change in the city around us. Wreaths and Christmas trees, baubles and tinsel, the holidays have almost arrived!

Being a new arrival to the Vinspace Studio team, I have had the delight of watching and taking part in so many different Christmas decorations. Although the festive projects are varied, each time the excitement in the classroom is the same. The anticipation for giving (and receiving) is expressed over and over again, with requests to personalize a project for their Mum (or Dad, or Granda, or little Brother...).

One of the on going activities at the studio has been working on our card decoration skills . Above and beyond felt gluing and drawing, our students have been dabbling in stamp making and printing their own designs. This technique has been great fun for all ages. Our school clubs and in house students have enjoyed the challenge of printing their design clearly, and learning a lot about paint application and print pattern. Whereas our older audience, attending for our season's art jam and joining us at the art market, really dove into the possibilities of layering and adding texture ( way to use your negative and positive space guys!).

After spending a month helping create extra festivities with those around me - I can say the holidays are a time for everyone to enjoy and relish the anticipation right around the corner. If your little ones are looking for some Winter themed activities, we offer art camps over the holiday period, and we would be delighted to share more seasonal activities with them! But if you are interested in taking part in creating something new yourself - we are also looking forward to spending some quality festive time with older audiences at our upcoming Art and Canvas event on December 15th. Come join us in our Lino Printing expedition!

Happy Holidays, one and all. I hope a little glitter and glue make their way into your holiday, just as they have mine.

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