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Year End (Part 1)

I love it, the feeling of being a teacher in a studio.

It feels like being the host of a show on-air weekly with friends passing by for a few hours to talk and have fun, play together and be free together. Every student feels like a friend to me. Some of them I could expect to come every week to 'continue on the show' and I’m always excited to see them, and can't wait to show them new cool thing that I’ve found out or have experienced since last seeing them. Some kids would come every year at a particular time to show me how much they have grown from the last time we've seen each other. Some, I could never predict when I'd see them next. They just drop in sometimes with lots of stories to tell and lots of laughs to share.

I love the feeling when waving to a kid saying “Oh my gosh! Look who’s here! It’s been so long! Where have you been all the time?” just like I would when seeing an old friend. Maybe they would never expect to be welcomed in that way at a classroom, but my students mean a lot to me and my goal is that each would be treasured in the right way.

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