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Year End (Part 2)

One more term of art class has gone by and so many things will change. I don’t know if I could ever see my little friends again. It’s quite interesting how this job is. I get to know someone and be friend with them, be happy together for a few hours, normally I could expect it to mean that I’ve made me a new friend, but no, it doesn’t work that way. A kid may fly back to their homeland, or to another city, another country tomorrow. Maybe their schedule would be too busy with Math, Basketball, Science… tomorrow that there is no time no more for a painting class with no masterpiece coming out. There are so many possibilities that you never know.

I do know these art classes have been a time to come together and create. Beyond painting and crafts, it's a space for all of our thoughts to become projects. And I have enjoyed the projects made so far, and look forward to the projects to be made in future...

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