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Being art teachers, we ask ourselves every day what we should do with the kids. It was a simple question at the beginning. We were full of ideas and full of energy that we could go with anything. There are thousands things that we want to share with the kids and thousands creative activities that we could do together. Years gone by, slowly, it feels like no more to talk and no more to teach. It’s not the fact that we ran out of ideas or we lost the enthusiasm to teach, it’s the reality that when we grow older, bigger, and better; it’s harder to feel satisfied. At some point, we struggled each and every day for an answer even when there are thousands ideas floating around.

One morning in our last Spring Camp, looking at the kids playing with their paper helicopter toys, some were so excited of the competition or just simply excited to fly it again and again, some were so amazed and curious about the movements, some were very chilled and relax watching it falling,… they all enjoyed it in their own way for the first time; we realized that the easiest way to find the answer is to think of the time we were kids ourselves. What were so interesting, so important and beautiful that could make us recall the memories again and again? What could make us want to move and do something or to learn more about it?

We think about the first flapping toy grandma made from a tin can and some rubber bands, the first hero drawings from comic books, the first time crushing and mixing mud with wildflowers,… It’s inspiring to realize that everything is actually very simple as long as we see it from the view of a simple child. Each of the first times for a child is very powerful and is an answer by itself.

Things that could inspire us each and every day when we were kids could always do the same thing when we’re all adults, it’s just about how we see it and if we could accept it, that’s what we believe.

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