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Puppet making is a fun and effective way to create a wide range of imaginative and unique creations with some basic materials. Transform the drab paper bag by painting in a variety of different colours. Once it is dry you can add drawing, collage and smaller details to make your character stand out. It is an especially good technique for creating animals and this allows for opportunities to teach children about animals and sounds. This lesson can also lead to extra wonderful things like set and prop design for full blown puppet shows.

Rối túi giấy

Làm rối bằng túi giấy: bước 1 - tô màu toàn bộ rồi để khô; bước 2 sử dụng kỹ thuật vẽ, cắt dán để tạo các chi tiết con vật. Cuối cùng, chúng mình cùng tạo nên một vở múa rối bằng những con rối vừa tạo được.

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